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How can more women entrepreneurs get funded faster and close the $300 Billion Funding Gap? How can we demystify the funding game and put the fun into funding?
Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, Consultant and Women's advocate, Anne Ravanona, has energetic conversations with global investors, funded women entrepreneurs and key ecosystem players, about how we can change the world of funding and unleash the world's biggest untapped resource to re-ignite the global economy - women entrepreneurs!
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Apr 10, 2020

How to raise capital in the U.S. during the Covid-19 Crisis? What are the key current trends coming out of New York when it comes to Angel and Venture Capital investing?  What do entrepreneurs need to know, to navigate these uncertain times in how they should approach investors? 

You will learn all of this and more, from our first male investor guest, Ed Zimmerman who is a Partner/Chair of the Tech Group at the law firm Lowenstein Sandler LLP, an angel investor in roughly 130 startups, LP in dozens of venture funds, and for the last 15 years, also an Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia Business School. 

As a Venture lawyer, he's right at the heart of many big current venture deals happening in the U.S and he's also a strong feminist, who believes in the power of diversity and under-represented founders to change the world. Don't miss this latest episode and see the shownotes for more details and links to resources he recommends here: